"Dear Taryn.

Thank you for a day in which you shared your exceptional gift with us.

The workshop was a journey into ourselves, into our souls. It was inspiring, deeply emotional and profound.

Thank you for giving so freely of yourself."

*** Odette Smith ***

“I have been working with Taryn consistently for 18 months on my own surrender journey. Being a very head based, analytical person this has been an extremely challenging yet most profound transformational experience. Taryn’s unique gift has allowed me to finally get to a place of embracing and integrating the wisdom of my soul into my life. I have had to work through deep-seated layers of ego held limiting (and supporting) beliefs, a ‘frozen heart’ and identifying a core belief that God/Universe/Source is a cruel and predatory being out to play cruel jokes on me to even working through the questioning that this whole thing a load of BS…. The guidance channelled is direct, accurate, at times cryptic and never without a dash of humour. Its only guidance, the real transformation comes from taking personal ownership and action with the guidance, to dig and go deep, work with it, question what it means, call in your guides and learn your Soul to help unveil the way, persevere and be courageous. I now  experience my life from a fulfilled, empowered and more whole place. I am way more present and have access to a Source of wisdom and truth that I use to navigate my life and importantly my relationships in a far more resourceful, confident and successful way. Has it been an easy journey? Not all the time? Has it been what I expected? Way more than I could ever have imagined or describe? Will I continue? Definitely. Thank you, Taryn for who you are and leading the way back “home”."

*** Sjeanne Cawdry ***

"I could write a book about what Taryn has done for me, but in short, her guidance has changed my life and radically for the better.  Issues that I’ve been grappling with for years have taken 1 or 2 sessions to resolve.  Challenges that I did not even know about (my blind spots) have surfaced and helped me grow.  I have a new and refreshing lens of the world, I also have the gift of being more self-aware, through Taryn’s valuable teachings and guidance.  I love the monthly workshops and the surrender sessions, LIFE CHANGING!"

*** Nikki ***

"Discovering Taryn and Surrender to your Soul has been without a doubt the most life changing experience of my life. A year ago I was such an angry and confused person. I hated myself and where my life was going. After a few surrender healing sessions with Taryn, I felt my whole being change and shift. I finally knew that this path of spirituality was the path I had been searching for the whole time. Things in my life that never made sense to me, in terms of relationships with Family members and relationships with people in general clicked into place, My anger for myself started to lift and I started accepting myself for who I am and more importantly I started to love myself.

These few words aren’t enough to describe how Surrendering to my soul has changed me and helped me but for anyone who is maybe feeling the same way I used to and deep down you know you deserve better and want to shift, then please start your healing journey here, with Surrender to you Soul."

***Nathalie Gourel-Rivalland***

"Taryn, through individual coaching and workshops, has helped me to forge forward into my new career. She helped me to take the leap and to put the fear behind me. The workshops are a wonderful way of meeting like-minded people and are conducted in a fun and supportive environment, thanks to the Taryn’s warm nature. I highly recommend Taryn’s coaching and workshops to anyone interested in clarifying their path, in gaining a deeper understanding of spirituality and for personal growth in general."

*** Kathy Mann ***

"For years my life was Ok, however, I could not explain why I behaved the way I did or why the same thing kept on happening to me.  I felt frustrated, angry and hurt at times and eventually when I couldn't stand this anymore,  I contacted Taryn to help me understand what was causing this.

 That day changed my life, looking back it was the moment that my life took a turn for the better and my life started to make sense.

It was the first time I felt peace with myself and understood what was happening for me and to me.  I needed to clear deep hurts and pain however with Taryn’s help I am a changed person. I am experiencing joy, peace and love on another level and found my purpose in the world.

I was scared, sceptical and afraid to take the first step, but extremely happy and thankful I did.

Meeting Taryn was the best decision I ever made." 

*** Anina Kleynhans ***

"Dear Taryn

I would like to thank you so much for the amazing Crystal workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, which went so quickly! I was opened to a brand new world of seeing and understanding the beauty and healing aspects of crystals.

I can't wait for the next workshop."

*** Janet Stone ***

"I have been on my soul journey with Taryn since July 2015.

And my life as I knew it transformed on levels unimagined already during our very first session.

Through Taryn's work my soul revealed all the fabulous parts of me that I have left scattered across many worlds, relationships, events and experiences and through roller-coaster, intense and joyous travels assisted me to become more centered and rediscover, remember, collect and gather all my pieces back home to heal and live in light and love as the infinite divine being I was created to be.

My spiritual life and journey with Taryn is ongoing, filled with deep gratitude, and layered with abundant gifts of bringing myself back to myself in her truest, purest, most loving and balanced form in the here and now. To step fully into my life as the powerful and best version of me in every moment and live from that authentic place: my core soul being.

Thank you Taryn."

*** Salome Saaiman ***

"Change is hard, it’s painful and even traumatic at times. Taryn has lovingly ‘held’ me through every process, every step of the way.  She has been patient when I’ve stubbornly refused to see what’s right in front of me.

Working with Taryn is like therapy on steroids!!

I could hope to achieve in two years what Taryn guides me to achieve in two hours.

It may sound dramatic and too good to be true but Taryn has totally changed my life!"

*** Jacqui Howard-Tripp ***