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When we were born, we were in perfect harmony with our heart and the world. When we enter this world, we don't have anxiety, depression and stress. Through the process of growing up and trying to function in this world according to societal expectations and norms, we distance ourself from that perfect resonance of peace.

Return to InnocenceThe spiritual journey is about making our way back to our innocence so we can connect with the peace that existed when we started. The distortion we have is that we believe when life is better on the outside, only then we will feel peaceful on the inside. We barter and negotiate with life – “When xxx happens, then I will feel happy, fulfilled, relaxed, peaceful. And so, we give away our power. For as long as this is the process, we will elude peace.

Does life rob you of peace or can you find your way back to experiencing the messiness of life from a place of peace? By messiness, I'm referring to the frustration of drivers on the road, to things not going according to plan, to life not working out the way you expect it to. Can you embrace all of it from a place of peace? When we learn how to do this, we start to become peaceful, and so we become beacons of peace for the world. The heart of you is peace! This is a genuinely power-full truth. Peace does not come from the outside. We are peace. We are love. We are light. However, there are many things that can take that peace away from you; family, work, health problems... Some factors can't be prevented, but you should focus on the ones you can control. For instance, supplement from Kratommasters.com provide the nutrients your body needs to live a healthy life, and if you're healthy you will have the strength to fight any other problem life throws at you.

And of course just as important: you have to watch for your own well being, you personal health. I try to exercise as regularly as possible, and watch what I eat. I even take a health

The world at the moment is desperate for peace, and our natural instinct is to fight for what's right, but the very nature of this (even for the light workers) is still fighting. And the fight in itself is the problem. Can you be at peace with what is there? Can you BE peace, so that everybody that experiences you feels peace? Even peace when there is anger, peace when there is hatred, peace when there is drama.

When we show up to fight, even if it's fighting for what's right, it just doesn't help. Fighting and peace are not the same energy.

So, the change happens when each of us embrace peace as our center. Then we become peace and can distribute peace.

An essential boundary we need is not to let anyone, anything or any concept rob us of our Be Peacepeace. Nothing deserves that power. The author of Man's Search for Meaning Victor Frankl, a famous psychiatrist who endured Auschwitz, the horrific German concentration camp, a place of torture, suffering and death, said, “They took my clothes, my wife, my kids, my wedding ring. I stood naked before the SS, and I realized they can take everything in my life but they cannot take my freedom to choose how I will respond to them.” Many have captured this quote in the statement, "They can't make me hate them." For me, Frankl was a great teacher of peace when faced with unrelenting hardship and cruelty.

Through peace, we can spread light in the world.

Sending love and blessings


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10897902_869969006394659_8726647209957382820_nWhen we choose to operate from a place of Love, the universe responds with more love. So many of us make choices based on fear, mistrust, insecurity, control, revenge, justification even hatred.

I long for a life and a society that can make love the core driver of interactions.

If we can learn to lead with love, we could love ourselves more, we could be less judgemental, we could treat others with kindness, we could heal our lives. Even when in pain, even when you been hurt, even when you need to improve your boundaries make love the core.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

11001875_875018302556396_9107884893008087371_nWhen we have loved, hurt, lost, invested, cared, hated, felt trauma etc ..... we leave a piece of ourselves with that person, time and or event. Energetically we can then find ourselves scattered and not able to focus and enjoy the present moment.

Commanding our spirit to return to us allows us to come back to the place of peace and wholeness. This does not change the memories, it changes the present.

Where is your spirit? Spend some time in quiet and call it back cutting the energetic ties that no longer serve your joy.

Light a candle and pray for love and light to bring you back to your wholeness.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10995850_875759255815634_4882883459522320395_nHow often do you swallow your words, hold back your opinions, hide your needs, squash your emotions?

A key part if personal growth and empowerment is permission to speak your truth, say what you think, feel, want and value ...... unapologetically.
The throat is a conduit to aligning our hearts with our minds. It allows us to express our will. It allows us to make an impact. Do you long to be heard? Speak up .... it's ok. The world needs your perspective to be felt and heard.

Take note how you speak is also your responsibility so how you speak your truth will most definitely impact the response you get .... but from today give yourself permission to allow your inner voice to be expressed.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channelled by Taryn Sydow

11390053_931357850255774_2830244349022063215_nSo many of my clients receive guidance that they are more tired than they even know and in need of rest.

The vulnerability that we feel in our tiredness is not aways easy to embrace. The pressure we put on ourselves to keep going, to push harder, to stay on top of things. Our never-ending list of to-do's and our desperate need to keep everyone around us happy sometimes borders on self-abuse. I have walked my own journey of ignoring my bodies physical needs and reaching burnout on more than one occasion. I just didn't want to embrace the need for rest, I saw it as a weakness.

Our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our souls all need rest. Surrendering to this level of self-care is vital for our personal growth. Rest is more than just physical sleep although often this is vital to recuperate. Rest is also permission for self-indulgence.

What would feel indulgent to you? Time alone. A walk barefoot in the park. Doodling, drawing, painting, gardening, cooking, woodwork, reading, meditating - what hobbies do you have where you become quiet and you lose time. Going for a massage. Snuggling up with a cup of tea while listening to beautiful music. Laughing with your children or friends. Playing. What do you need, to allow quietness and restfulness wash over you.

As you go forward, my wish is that you make rest and self-indulgence your priority and give yourself permission to do what you need to re-energize.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

11393077_925304377527788_2118148661467616206_nEvery morning as we wake up the ego recreates the illusion of separateness. It is the way it tries to help us function in the world but the reality is that we are all connected. This is one if the most difficult spiritual principles to understand yet our hearts know it is true.

Seeing yourself in all around you is the key to enlightenment. It is easy to see yourself in beauty, to know that you are like the rose in the garden, from the same place as the ocean, to associate yourself with people that you like but it is not so easy when we see anger, hurt, immoral and deceitful behaviour, wars, famine, poverty.

The bottom line is that we are all connected in each aspect of life. Light and shadow. Both exist in and around us.

The very thing that keeps this all in place is our judgement. Anything that we judge reflects a part of ourselves that we have not embraced and that is what requires healing. We cannot change anything we hate. Only love can heal. So anything we judge either in ourselves or in others we hold in place with the judgement.

Embrace what you judge as information for your own healing. Shower it with love and you will start being able to heal it and step into your wholeness and your light.

As you heal yourself so you heal the planet.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

11214704_956992497692309_4391463077408777503_nLife is full of complexity. Things don't go according to plan. People don't respond according to our desires. Irritations happen. It does not matter how much we plan, we meditate, we pray, we analyse, we hope ..... life happens anyway.

Our opportunity for peace lies in how easily we accept this messiness and surrender to finding ourselves in it. So many if us are so busy judging or trying to fix things that we miss out on the opportunities presented to us.

Life is messy, stop spending all your energy on trying to change that. Rather embrace what is and step into it with an open heart so you can learn and grow from it.


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Surrender? Give up? Stop trying ..... are you mad?

The answer to these questions and many like it is yes. Stop running away, ignoring, resisting, controlling, judging, evaluating, fixing, sorting, protecting. It doesn't change what is!

The Universal Law of Surrender states the following:

Surrender is accepting this moment, this body, and this life with open arms. Surrender involves getting out of our own way and living in accord with a higher will, expressed as the wisdom of the heart. Far more than passive acceptance, surrender uses every challenge as a means of spiritual growth and expanded awareness. (source - Dan Millman)

The best explanation I have found comes from www.guidespeak.com

To surrender does not mean putting your hands in the air and flying a white flag, it is not defeat, giving up or failing. To surrender is to be wise. It is wise to accept the flow of life’s energy rather than resist it. To surrender is to accept “What is now” unconditionally.

FB_IMG_1431488964233By making a conscious choice at this moment, and in every present moment of now, to fully accept that the present moment is as it should be, then by surrendering to this knowledge you are more powerful than you could possibly believe.

This allows you to be in a state of grace, easy flow and enlightenment. Whether things are perceived “good” or “bad” is not material in this state of grace.

By surrendering to “what is now”, in this state of graceful surrender, you can see clearly what action needs to take place and by doing one thing at a time, step by step, inch by inch, moment by moment, as illustrated in the Law of Process, you accomplish what needs to be done, in your surrendered state.

The energy released in a surrendered state is a powerful, healing energy. This energy propells your healing, growth and evolvement.

To surrender means to embrace the concept that all is exactly the way it is supposed to be. This is not a cop-out, this takes courage, it takes faith and it takes trust. Surrender is not passive, it is not giving up and it is definitely not for sissies!

I have faced this challenge full on and the hardest part of my healing journey has been embracing the possibility that I am not in control and just because I don't like something it doesn't change it and/or make it go away. I mean the arrogance of thinking I was in control astounds me now. Only once I took a long hard look at my life, the full mess of my life with all its light and shadows did I start to heal. Only once I owned the part that I played in my life did I learn to surrender to the wisdom of being guided to make different choices.

Choice is such an important concept in life. A sense of empowerment is felt when we step into the awareness that we have choice and more importantly that we are indeed accountable for the choices we make but choice is not enough. The question is what drives the choices and that is where the Law of Surrender get tricky. Do you give into your ego, does it drive your choices or do you Surrender to your Soul and trust it to guide your choices?

Do you even know?

To find out see the table below .....


This table is not meant to be an exhaustive list, it is not a tool to judge yourself against. It is just a prompt to help you find what drives you most. This life is not about perfection, so if you find yourself making choices from the red column, well done .... now you know you are human. Each moment provides an opportunity for a new choice. So if your choice is what do with your time when you have an hour free or how to resolve a conflict or how to deal with pain or grief, allow yourself to learn how to make choices from a new place.

ba0d8d5e82abb1f41f138c78ba5b616dLearning to Surrender to our Soul is a journey of discovery, healing, growth and expansion in conscious-ness. This requires courage and a willingness to explore the deepest recesses of our soul. There are so many opportunities given to us in this lifetime and previous lifetimes to aid us in our journey towards embracing our wholeness and growing, even though these are not always easy. Each person is unique and each person that I am honoured to work with has a different path to take to get to their place of Surrender, yet what is clear is the answer most often resides in healing from their deepest hurt.

Wishing you lots of love and light in your journey.


OcfagZKDvyIt is undeniable that we have these moments in our life. The moments that unmistakably impact our world. In these moments we know that everything is about to change .... or has changed. Our life can be split into the time before and the time after that defining moment.

One such moment for me, came from following a complete whim and getting on a plane to go to Durban for a weekend .... alone. This intuitive nudge got me to face my deepest fears and meet an angel that magically transformed my life. I remember the moment like yesterday. Strolling past my dinner table, he asked "why you look so sad?". To my horror I was found out! Sitting alone in a hotel dining room, the first time since my divorce, I hoped I looked sophisticated, grown up, elegant .... yet he saw my sadness. A night of flirting, smiling and awakening happened after that moment. I will never forget him, I can't remember his name and I have never seen him since but he is undeniably a major part of my life and it is clear to me that the woman I was that arrived in Durban was not the one that left.

I will never forget the moment I faced death and grew up, standing in a dirty little morgue seeing my brother in laws lifeless body. Or the moment I said the words I feared the most, "I want a divorce..", seeing the pain it caused and knowing that nothing for my family would be the same after that point yet feeling a deep knowing and relief that I had finally spoken my truth. The journey of pain, loss, healing and self-discovery following these moments is life altering.

ffe2912f9e5f5742178d9ca185582261These moments may be the slow magical slide into awareness, or the glance into the eyes of a stranger, a choice to say yes, a choice to say no. They may also be the moments when the walls come crashing down, when your heart stops faced with the pain of loss or the consequences of a bad choice. One phone call, one decision and time stands still. We know - it will never be the same again.

These defining moments whether bathed in the beauty and seduction of joy and love or housed in the mockery of pain, hurt, deceit and shame have the same impact.

They wake us up. They bring us to our truth.

Like Sleeping Beauty being woken up by her own true loves kiss, her Soul, these moments bring us into the presence of ourself.

Our soul awakens, and it doesn't mind how, it just is grateful for the awakening.

Our biggest challenge is to stay awake.


It is a warm November afternoon, the day is starting to descend into the early evening. We are walking, in silence alone with our own thoughts 1002925_10201734635461428_866050478_ndown the rocky path. I wonder how good it is to be doing this talk in my flip flops.

As we get closer, the debate gets louder. My heart, my soul knows I am moving forward towards where I am supposed to be but my head is frustrated by how irrational that is. "Why are you here?" "What do you think is really going to happen - huh?"

This noisy debate is not unusual for me, the tug between the logical, the rational, the responsible intellectual part of me and the mystical, mysterious, intuitive part of me. I honestly wish they could learn to get along better. It would make my life so much easier.

We have arrived!

I snap out of my inner conflict to hear the instructions. I must do this properly! Aah the arrogance of thinking that I am in control of this! I look past the people and focus on the Labyrinth. A long winding circular path on the ground under the cover of the wisdom of the trees that seem to vibrate with energy. The rocks and stream surround the space making it seem safe and sacred.

My heart sighs, it knows, it is prepared.

My head is looking for the best escape route.

I take off my shoes and feel the ground under my feet. I close my eyes and say a silent prayer asking the Labyrinth to take the lead and show me what I need to know.

My head laughs at me, it's last ditch attempt to cause doubt and insecurity.

I start along the path, walking up and down, allowing the path to take the lead. One step at a time, heel, toe, heel, toe, I start to feel the rhythm.

With a sudden rush of energy I become aware of one of the other girls exploring the Labyrinth. As she starts to run, I am engulfed in the pain of a young girl hurt more than is fair or right. My heart breaks for her. All my focus shifts to sending her as much love as I can. I start to suspend my own journey so I can support hers - such a familiar pattern for me. A great way to avoid my own vulnerability. My empathy for her becomes so overwhelming.

My head is smirking at me.

I need to choose, heel, toe, heel, toe, me or her, me or her, which do I choose?

Today I choose to choose me. I know she is safe. I know she is supported. Today I choose to choose me. My head (ego) sighs, it is a small defeat. My heart (soul) smiles.

I come back. Heel, toe, heel, toe. Once again allowing the path to lead me.

I start to think ........ again ........ I wonder what the facilitators Angela and Garrick are seeing watching me do this. I wonder if I am doing it right. Stupid head, always needing validation this it is ok. The argument starts again!

Suddenly aloud buzzing noise fills my ears. It gets louder and louder. I block me are and look up. I am not sure if it is bugs making the noise but I cannot see anything. It gets louder. It sounds like chanting.Like an ancient tribe chanting around a fire. It is so loud, I can't think. What is it? Where is it coming from? How do I make it stop? Is it bugs? Is it singing?

I keep glaring up into the trees hoping for some logical answer. My breath is catching. I wish I could make it stop. The confusion, the frustration, the fear and the hope of what this is is all running through my veins. My arms keep flicking around my ears, scratching my head, pulling my hair. It is so loud! I take a breath, a deep deep breath, I feel the tears, I am so close to the middle of this magical crazy place.

I enter the middle. A I step in I hear the words SURRENDER ...... JUST SURRENDER.

My breathing clams, my shoulders drop, my eyes close. My head is quiet. I stay there, still, surrounded by the magic. Everything slows down.

So this is peace, this is calm. My head is quiet.

My soul is awakened. It stretches out into me, welcoming me into its embrace. I feel a small smile, I feel my legs real, my breath is full. I am me.

I take a long slow peaceful walk out from the centre of the mystery, back to reality. I exit. I don't care I am last, I don't care everyone is watching and waiting.

I look up and smile.

My head is quiet!

Love and blessings in your journey to peace