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When we were born, we were in perfect harmony with our heart and the world. When we enter this world, we don't have anxiety, depression and stress. Through the process of growing up and trying to function in this world according to societal expectations and norms, we distance ourself from that perfect resonance of peace.

Return to InnocenceThe spiritual journey is about making our way back to our innocence so we can connect with the peace that existed when we started. The distortion we have is that we believe when life is better on the outside, only then we will feel peaceful on the inside. We barter and negotiate with life – “When xxx happens, then I will feel happy, fulfilled, relaxed, peaceful. And so, we give away our power. For as long as this is the process, we will elude peace.

Does life rob you of peace or can you find your way back to experiencing the messiness of life from a place of peace? By messiness, I'm referring to the frustration of drivers on the road, to things not going according to plan, to life not working out the way you expect it to. Can you embrace all of it from a place of peace? When we learn how to do this, we start to become peaceful, and so we become beacons of peace for the world. The heart of you is peace! This is a genuinely power-full truth. Peace does not come from the outside. We are peace. We are love. We are light. However, there are many things that can take that peace away from you; family, work, health problems... Some factors can't be prevented, but you should focus on the ones you can control. For instance, supplement from Kratommasters.com provide the nutrients your body needs to live a healthy life, and if you're healthy you will have the strength to fight any other problem life throws at you.

And of course just as important: you have to watch for your own well being, you personal health. I try to exercise as regularly as possible, and watch what I eat. I even take a health

The world at the moment is desperate for peace, and our natural instinct is to fight for what's right, but the very nature of this (even for the light workers) is still fighting. And the fight in itself is the problem. Can you be at peace with what is there? Can you BE peace, so that everybody that experiences you feels peace? Even peace when there is anger, peace when there is hatred, peace when there is drama.

When we show up to fight, even if it's fighting for what's right, it just doesn't help. Fighting and peace are not the same energy.

So, the change happens when each of us embrace peace as our center. Then we become peace and can distribute peace.

An essential boundary we need is not to let anyone, anything or any concept rob us of our Be Peacepeace. Nothing deserves that power. The author of Man's Search for Meaning Victor Frankl, a famous psychiatrist who endured Auschwitz, the horrific German concentration camp, a place of torture, suffering and death, said, “They took my clothes, my wife, my kids, my wedding ring. I stood naked before the SS, and I realized they can take everything in my life but they cannot take my freedom to choose how I will respond to them.” Many have captured this quote in the statement, "They can't make me hate them." For me, Frankl was a great teacher of peace when faced with unrelenting hardship and cruelty.

Through peace, we can spread light in the world.

Sending love and blessings


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We face many challenges, conflicts and situations in our life. All of these are opportunities for us to grow. Often we are so busy fighting, resisting and trying to control what is going on that we lose perspective and end up missing the blessing.


This card is a reminder to take a deep breath and go with it. Step into what is happening ii your life with an open and light heart. Feel what you feel and learn what's there is to be learnt.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10635914_864680473590179_2416698303421275303_nSo many of us are so good at giving, at helping others, at supporting and at caring. However this can be a way of controlling and keeping our own vulnerability hidden. The ability to receive is far harder than the ability to give. How open are you to receiving compliments, gifts, help, support, guidance, love, feedback.

This is for many of us a stretch and a lesson in our own personal growth.

It's also critical that we don't view giving and receiving as a quid pro quo game. That means we don't try and balance the scales each time we receive. When we view giving and receiving as transactions that need to be balanced against each other we miss the abundance that the Universe has for us.

So for today be open to receive. It is safe. You deserve it.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10915176_866815173376709_4104930964361402383_nTrust is such a difficult concept and we use it as a benchmark in our relationships, environments and choices we make. Choosing to trust empowers you to be make to make better choices as the choice is not from a place of fear and protection but from a place of true personal power.

This is not saying trust blindly or be naiive about those people that may hurt you but more about choosing to trust yourself in the situation. Trust your guidance, your intuition, your knowing. This is the source if true power.

Our relationship of trusting ourselves impacts the way we relate with others in the world.

Learn to trust yourself. You have all the answers and support you need.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

We live in a society that judges selfishness yet it is the very thing needed to help heal ourselves.

10460713_867880959936797_7387232919375072924_nBefore I get lynched let me help clear up what I mean by selfish. I am not referring to self - absorption where you only care for yourself at the detriment of others. By selfish I am referring to taking care of yourself first so that you are able to give to others from a place of self - love and care. The opposite extreme to self - absorption is selfless - ness. This is where we are so busy taking care of everyone else we put ourselves last leading to burn out, guilt, resentment and never feeling good enough.

Putting yourself and your needs first, loving yourself enough to take care of yourself so that you are fueled by love, joy and peace as you take care of others is not selfish it is vital to living a healthy life...

So go ahead, today say no and do something for yourself first. Love yourself first. Be selfish.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10991157_872951892763037_1809750847809665508_nWe invest so much energy in trying to control our lives. We think that we are able to limit our fear, vulnerability and risk of getting hurt by always being in control. The reality is the we invest a lot of time and energy fighting. Fighting to make things right, fighting to make things fair. Working so hard to make things the way we think they should be.

In this way we rob ourselves of the joy of the moment, of the opportunities that present themselves to us. To the magic of this life.
The only thing we can control is our response to life and to the world. The rest is not our problem :).

Learning to trust life and ourselves and the wisdom that comes from our soul is key to a joy if peace, love and joy.

No matter how much you want to be, you are not in control.

A lesson I continue to learn daily 🙂


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10995850_875759255815634_4882883459522320395_nHow often do you swallow your words, hold back your opinions, hide your needs, squash your emotions?

A key part if personal growth and empowerment is permission to speak your truth, say what you think, feel, want and value ...... unapologetically.
The throat is a conduit to aligning our hearts with our minds. It allows us to express our will. It allows us to make an impact. Do you long to be heard? Speak up .... it's ok. The world needs your perspective to be felt and heard.

Take note how you speak is also your responsibility so how you speak your truth will most definitely impact the response you get .... but from today give yourself permission to allow your inner voice to be expressed.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channelled by Taryn Sydow

11024621_876991029025790_2729280339936449020_nWhat fear is holding you back from your joy?

The fear of failure?
The fear of success?
The fear of being laughed at?
The fear of not being liked?
The fear of being hurt?
The fear of causing pain?
The fear of what people will think of you?
The fear of doing things wrong?
The fear of being alone?
The fear of your vulnerability?
The fear of being taken advantage of?
Etc etc etc

Fear is the ego's way of trying to get you to remain the same. If we succumb to the fear we never grow.

It is ridiculous to say don't be scared, don't have the fear - we all do. Growth is about embracing your fear and no longer letting it control your choices by stepping into the COURAGE of your Soul.

Make friends with your fear. Know it's just information. Let go of letting the fear control you.

The best way to let fear stop controlling you is to face it full on.

Here's to your courage 🙂



Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

11031069_878399875551572_5176920084125133151_nWhat brings you true joy. A sense of peace and flow. A deep knowing that you are being true to yourself and time just slips away.

This is joy, our true purpose as humans is to live a life of joy. It is our calling. It is our right. It is necessary for peace to be restored.

Joy is felt, it is experienced and can be in a moment. It is the peak mystical experiences we have that we long for more of.

So many of us allow our responsibilities, our guilt, our anxieties, our worries to drive our choices. For today, even just for a minute. Surrender to your Soul and allow your joy to lead you.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

11029528_882062008518692_126761938477207052_nI hear so many of us asking what did I do wrong, what am I not learning, why do these terrible things keep happening to me?

Pain is an important part of life and without it we cannot grow but you are never being punished for anything. God does not punish, the Universe provides us with opportunities for our own evolution and growth and whilst we need to take accountability for our actions if you believe in some way you are cursed or being punished you won't be able to find the blessing.

There is nothing wrong with you and no - one is more deserving of happiness than the next person.

See love in the heartache, pain, hurt, chaos and drudgery of your day to day life. That is how your Divinity unfolds.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow