You need to take the first step

11060924_883794771678749_1958996904156015493_nThe Universe responds to action, not to understanding, thinking or even hoping. Whilst these can help you prepare, when you take a step you show that you are ready.

If you want to change your life, allow your Soul to lead and help you with the very first step. This doesn't need to be a big thing, it's easier when we bring things very close and ask ourselves "what is one small step I can take towards creating the life of my dreams today?"

We are often stuck in inertia hoping and praying for a sign that it is ok for us to go ahead. Today give yourself permission to allow your life become one filled with peace, love and joy and take the first step, whether that's making an appointment, researching something, telling a person, asking for help ...... whatever the step is, take it and watch the Universe respond. Be open to the synchronisity that will unfold. Allow the next step to emerge from there.