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10968406_870870542971172_293712546282027915_nAcceptance is the key to personal power, growth, change, forgiveness and freedom.

Acceptance is not approving, condoning or even understanding. It is the ability to be present to reality and to see things, events and people as they are.
It is what it is .... not right, not wrong .... just it is what it is.

So many of us are holding onto past events, pain and hurt because what happened was wrong or not fair or bad. Acceptance doesn't take that away it just allows us to release the hold that this pain has on us and start to heal.

What are you fighting? What do you need to just accept so that you can free yourself to move on?


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

10991157_872951892763037_1809750847809665508_nWe invest so much energy in trying to control our lives. We think that we are able to limit our fear, vulnerability and risk of getting hurt by always being in control. The reality is the we invest a lot of time and energy fighting. Fighting to make things right, fighting to make things fair. Working so hard to make things the way we think they should be.

In this way we rob ourselves of the joy of the moment, of the opportunities that present themselves to us. To the magic of this life.
The only thing we can control is our response to life and to the world. The rest is not our problem :).

Learning to trust life and ourselves and the wisdom that comes from our soul is key to a joy if peace, love and joy.

No matter how much you want to be, you are not in control.

A lesson I continue to learn daily 🙂


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow