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11114275_895438710514355_6643043435436158004_nSo many of us make ourselves small, we don't want to let the full beauty of our power shine through us. Power is a beautiful thing when it is lead by the Soul and not by the ego.

Ego power is authoritative, domineering, controlling, manipulative and challenging.

Soul power is caring, loving, nurturing, empowering, non-judgemental, patient, authentic and deep.

To step into your full power you need to embrace your own gentleness and your own vulnerability. For as long as you protect yourself from hurt, pain and disappointment you give your ego permission to remain in power.
Allow your heart to break open a little and your Soul can shine through. There in lies our true power to change the world.

Don't be scared to own your power. Each of us has the power of the entire Universe in us right now.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow

So much negative behaviour is driven by fear. A deep insecurity in ourselves. A need to protect ourselves from hurt and harm. We hide ourselves away, defend ourselves, shelter ourselves.

11048723_897083187016574_2038511296836341245_nThe ego lives in fear. The soul lives in faith and trust and knows that we are always safe. Once you allow your inner knowing to provide you with the wisdom of your own safety, you no longer need to protect yourself from the world.
Clearly we live in a world where bad things can happen and we have all faced many trials and hurts. In each of these if we can remain safe in our faith of love and Divinity we can see these as the lessons that we learn from.
Don't be naiive, be wise around where you are and who you with but let go of the need to protect yourself from failure, hurt, vulnerability, disappointment, rejection etc. You are safe. You can feel what you need to feel. You have everything in you to get through whatever is presented to you for your own becoming.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow