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11080943_889873457737547_4808815500574965305_nMany of us squash our true emotions because we fear losing control. We convince ourselves that we are fine with what is happening in our life because that seems easier than dealing with our pain, disappointment, heart ache, guilt, shame, grief, depression, insecurity etc etc. We can even avoid being real about what makes us happy, secure, loved. The reality is emotions are the hearts way of providing us with information about our true experience of life. Often our mind can't even begin to decipher why we feel what we feel but our heart knows. Being real about how we feel is not about acting on each emotion but rather about loving and caring about ourselves enough to acknowledge what our truth is. This allows our healing to begin.

So as hard as it can be.... get real with yourself.
Let go of all judgements of what you feel, stop disregarding your truth because your ego says you should/or shouldn't feel that. It is what it is and owning your truth is the first step to your freedom.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow