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11139366_900705376654355_4607288651651980303_nWe are so good at thinking through things, at understanding, sometimes even at accepting and forgiving but if we only do this intellectually and not emotionally then we create coping mechanisms for our life and we don't give ourselves the gift of healing from our pain.

In so many readings I do, this message comes up and the continued guidance is that for us to step into our full power, to access our true purpose, to allow ourselves to become all we can be, we need to step into our pain and allow ourselves to work through it emerging more whole on the other side of it.

There is no shortcuts to this and it starts by letting down the mask of fine, the valuing of strength over the perceived weakness of emotion. We all have pain from our past that we have not dealt with and on the face of it we lead a successful and even happy life but by not dealing with our pain we put up defense mechanisms, walls and gates to protect ourselves and this robs us of real joy and peace.

This pain or hurt does not need to be addressed with anyone else in your life, it firstly needs to be acknowledged and given a voice. So take some time and write a letter to yourself, your guides, your angels, God, whoever feels right for you about the pain and hurt from your past that you are ready to release. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. When you ready light a candke and burn this letter with a prayer of release. It's time to let it go.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow