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11393077_925304377527788_2118148661467616206_nEvery morning as we wake up the ego recreates the illusion of separateness. It is the way it tries to help us function in the world but the reality is that we are all connected. This is one if the most difficult spiritual principles to understand yet our hearts know it is true.

Seeing yourself in all around you is the key to enlightenment. It is easy to see yourself in beauty, to know that you are like the rose in the garden, from the same place as the ocean, to associate yourself with people that you like but it is not so easy when we see anger, hurt, immoral and deceitful behaviour, wars, famine, poverty.

The bottom line is that we are all connected in each aspect of life. Light and shadow. Both exist in and around us.

The very thing that keeps this all in place is our judgement. Anything that we judge reflects a part of ourselves that we have not embraced and that is what requires healing. We cannot change anything we hate. Only love can heal. So anything we judge either in ourselves or in others we hold in place with the judgement.

Embrace what you judge as information for your own healing. Shower it with love and you will start being able to heal it and step into your wholeness and your light.

As you heal yourself so you heal the planet.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow