Let your light shine …… Please.


You are an amazing being of light, filled with infinite potential. It is your right to shine, you don't need to pass any test or get anyones permission. We all experience pain and a journey of life that dimms your glow but we are a heartbeat away from igniting into our full brilliance again. Your past is a story, that does not need to define your future.
Please never doubt your ability to shine or think you don't deserve a life of love. Our Divine light is ready to glow bright as it has been from the day we were born.

Never allow anyone to cause you to doubt your readiness for a life of love and light. Doubt robs us of joy, it is the fuel of fear, the source of manipulation and the heart of an unlived life. No parent, teacher, spouse, friend, child, therapist, boss, healer, partner (past or present) deserves the power to get you to doubt yourself. Surround yourself with the people that remind you of your light.

hope this post ignites a reminder in you that You are love and You are light ...... irrespective of what you do or have done.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow