It is Safe for you to Receive

10635914_864680473590179_2416698303421275303_nSo many of us are so good at giving, at helping others, at supporting and at caring. However this can be a way of controlling and keeping our own vulnerability hidden. The ability to receive is far harder than the ability to give. How open are you to receiving compliments, gifts, help, support, guidance, love, feedback.

This is for many of us a stretch and a lesson in our own personal growth.

It's also critical that we don't view giving and receiving as a quid pro quo game. That means we don't try and balance the scales each time we receive. When we view giving and receiving as transactions that need to be balanced against each other we miss the abundance that the Universe has for us.

So for today be open to receive. It is safe. You deserve it.


Surrender to your Soul Cards and messages channeled by Taryn Sydow