Is the Law of Abundance letting you down?

The Law of Abundance is one of the principles found 2015-02-02 17.28.04_resizedwithin universal laws. It is often associated with the Law of Attraction. It is the simple fact that there is an unlimited Source of everything we need or could ever want. This great abundance is already ours, infinitely available to all of us all the time.

Abundance does not only relate to finances, but is also about abundance of beauty, joy, love, guidance, support. There is so much available to us in this lifetime .... yet so many of us are suffering or battling on some level so what stops us from enjoying that which we are so deserving of?

Based on the guidance available from recent Surrender Sessions the answer lies in the following questions.

1. Do you trust Source (God, the Universe, Divinity)?

Everything comes from Source, all is made available to us by the Universe. God is the creator of all that is possible. There are many of us that through experiencing pain and difficulty in this lifetime and previous lifetimes we may have stopped believing in the positive intentions of what is available to us. We have looked at negative traits and behaviours in humanity and decided that if that is an indication of God, then we don't trust and/or understand it. Rather than seeing a lack of belief in the light is what creates darkness we switch off our link to our own light and joy. Extreme religious beliefs that make us fearful of being punished by God has stopped us from remaining in an open trusting relationship with Source.

No Universal Law is stronger than free will and so abundance does not stick to you when there is a mistrust of the Source of all available to you.

Give yourself permission to connect to Source and trust all is as it should be. This does not abdicate our responsibility for changing the world, it is how we change the world!

2. Are you waiting to start living?

So many of us are not fully present in this moment. We waiting for a sign, we waiting until we have enough, we waiting for next week, we waiting for the bond to be paid off, we waiting to go on leave, we waiting for someone to rescue us etc etc etc. What are you waiting for?

So we spend all our energy in fear of how we going to get there, resenting some aspect of our life and waiting for the day it will be easier. The reality is the joy is in the moment even when life is tougher than we want. Shifting your focus to being present to your life in the moment allows you to receive all the lessons and blessings available to you.

Abundance happens in the now, not in the past or in the future. Being present and grateful for what is available to you now allows abundance to flow into your life.

3. Do you believe nothing comes for nothing in life?

How hard do we need to work before we deserve what is available to us?

This is a pattern where the relationship between giving and receiving is a balancing act. Making sure if we receive we believe we deserve it. We make things so much harder than they need to be.

The truth is, whilst a relationship exists between giving and receiving they are not linked. The law of abundance works where we give without any need to receive and where we allow ourselves to receive freely with no bind to any effort. There is a major difference between payment, reward and abundance. One of the ways we avoid our own vulnerability is by giving. This allows us to stay in control. None of us can control abundance. We need to allow it.

Allow yourself to receive without guilt. Things are easy and trust that there is no need to prove any sense of worthiness and or deserving-ness to receive. It is our birthright. We all deserve just by being here.

4. Is fear robbing you from living your life?

We all have fear. It is not necessary and/or possible to eliminate fear but some of us allow the fear to dominate our thoughts, emotions and choice and in this way our fear leads us through life. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of judgement, the fear of vulnerability, the fear of connection, the fear of life itself. These fears can wrap us in a cocoon, in a bubble that separates us from our life. We end up being more of a spectator than a participant in our own lives.

The law of abundance can only align itself with those of us fully active in our own life and the choices we make. When fear is the guidance, even though you may think and visualise success, the law bypasses the thoughts to the dominant belief being fear.

Learning to embrace our fears and not resist them is step 1. Fear does not need judgement, it needs validation and for trust and courage to step forward to silence it. This is fundamentally a choice and is best captured with the quote, "Feel the fear, and do it anyway". Choose to trust, we are safe and fear is just the ego's limited way of protecting us. Once you know that you are safe and all is available in just the right way, there will be no place for fear to dominate.

Sending lots of love and healing energy your way to start enjoying all the abundance coming your way 🙂