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Is money source of joy and peace , or stress and worry?

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Money. It's an emotional subject. Many people find it tough to talk about, or to think about. We have complicated feelings about it. 

Money is a necessary part of life. It's one of the things that we need to figure out how to work with. It's not something that's going to go away. Which is a good thing -- it can make our lives much easier.

Money should be a tool for joy and peace and harmony in our lives. And for many of us, it's a source of stress and worry.   

Money is just bits of paper or numbers on a screen. It is neither spiritual nor un-spiritual. And how money shows up in your life is how the Universe holds a mirror to your beliefs. Do you have a healthy relationship with money? Look at your bank balance. How do you feel about it?

The truth is, you were sent to Earth to experience joy. You were not brought here to suffer. And money can be a useful tool to make our lives easier. There should be no shame in wanting money or needing money to make your life better. 

The 12 Spiritual Laws that govern your relationship with abundance 

In this workshop you will learn the 12 Spiritual laws that guide you to relating to money in a healthy, loving, reciprocal way. 

You don't want to have abusive or controlling or toxic relationships with people, do you? And yet so many of us have internalised abusive and controlling and toxic relationships with money. 

About your facilitator 

My name is Taryn Sydow. I've been around money my whole life. I was an accountant in a merchant bank -- and I rose to a very senior position. Then I left the corporate world to run my own successful business. In 2017 I sold the business to dedicate myself to my calling. I'm living my dream as a spiritual teacher and healer. 

If you want to transform your relationships from stress and worry to joy and peace -- start with your relationship with money! 

This workshop has shifted reality for many of the people I work with. It continues to reward them in ways that are surprising and magical. It allows them to really step into their true enlightened potential.

If you want to get intentional; if you want to get aligned; if you want to make a profound change in your life, and make sure you have the best opportunity for success in life; if you want to receive all the abundance due to you, then this weekend is the most valuable investment you can make of your time, your energy, and your money.  

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What previous participants say

 I loved this course.  It made me think of things from my childhood that seemed insignificant at the time -- and how they actually impacted parts of my life as an adult.

 It made me see how much I kept telling myself how unworthy I was of having the luxuries I want -- and in so doing blocked myself from getting what I always wanted. 

Thank you Taryn!

Great if you want more money (and who doesn't)

I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants more money. I became aware of beliefs that held me prisoner for so long. Taryn presents a controversial subject in a light hearted way. I enjoyed the two days very much. So much shifted for me. Great workshop, thank you! -- Zelda 

Practical way to address your money fears

The course helped me identify my fears and beliefs around abundance and money. It’s a practical workshop that takes you on a journey of discovering the part you play. -- Anina

I thought I was I was fine, until...

Until I explored my relationship with money on this course, I had no idea I held so many limited beliefs around it. I always thought my relationship with money was fineI just needed to make more!

Taryn facilitates the course with wisdom, humour and compassion. I’d highly recommend it -- Kim 

The course really works

This course helped me stem the torrents of rage that would flare from me and cause me to experience indescribable shame. My business and personal finances have improved exponentially and how I apply my resources now feels freer, more satisfying and focused on achieving the bigger picture I have for my life.’

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The workshop is on the weekend of 11/12 August 2018 held near the highway offramp in Bryanston Johannesburg, live and in person, by Taryn Sydow.

Live and in Person 


For the two days, Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 August 

Limited places -- fewer than 10 places left! 

12 Spiritual Laws that govern abundance

The secrets of money that the wealthy understand 

Practical exercises to reveal your beliefs about money

How to understand the feedback the Universe is giving you

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Creating a relationship with money of love and reciprocity