About Taryn

77I have always been highly intuitive but through various experiences as a child decided that intellect was more valued. A story that was reinforced through my corporate career as an accountant. Despite a very successful career, I found myself at 32 burnt-out and unfulfilled and after leaving the world of banking identified how large the gap had become between my head and my heart. The daily fight of intellect vs heart was one that started my healing journey. Through my passion for people and human potential, I stumbled into the world of coaching and found the journey of supporting individuals, teams and organization's to reach their full potential highly rewarding.

In 2010, my brother in law was killed in a car accident. This traumatic experience for me and my family catapulted my curiosity about life and death, souls, religion and spirituality. What followed was an awakening of knowledge and tapping into of truth that had long been dormant within me. Through a personal journey of exploration and an almost obsessive need to learn I became exposed to the world of Reiki, psychic's, mediums, channellers, energy healing, meditation, aura's, crystal healing, angels, tarot etc etc.

Through all this, I stepped closer and closer to my own truth and exposed myself to my own fears and insecurities and finally in 2013 faced the truth that I was very unhappy in my marriage. A lifetime of putting other peoples needs before my own and people pleasing caught up with me and I could no longer hide from my own truth. I made the most difficult decision of my life and decided to get divorced. Putting my own happiness ahead of all those that I loved and cared about including my 2 beautiful children was undeniably the turning point of my life. The process of undoing a lifetime to create a new one lasted 2 years and many times the only thing that got me through that time was faith and belief in my own soul. The process of exposing myself to all my fears and insecurities made me face my vulnerability and find the pieces of myself that had been missing. The metamorphosis allowed me to come out of the cocoon as a new more fulfilled and happier person than ever existed before.

This journey woke me up to my gifts and to the core purpose of my life which is to heal on a soul level. Through my own journey and divine guidance I started to embrace my ability to read energy, speak to spirits that have passed on, channel divine guidance and in 2015 made the leap to come out of hiding completely and start offering this to the world. I continue to be in awe of how these sessions transform peoples lives and am honoured to be a small part in each Soul's healing. I choose to follow my own guidance and find myself learning to live my life from an enlightened space a challenging and enriching experience.

My journey is by no means complete but filled with possibility and as I live each day aligning myself with the principles of Surrendering to my own Soul, I learn, heal and grow along with humanity.